Custom Cheap Patches Pack

$15.00 $13.50


Built from high quality source material, this cheap pack of random patches boasts of different designs with low minimums and fast shipping. 

From classic cartoon characters to legendary superhero equipment, and from celebratory signage to social references, this pack of patches has it all. Whether you are a fan of pop culture icons or if you just really enjoy representing ideas that resonate with you the most, you need to look no further than this varietal pack of patches. 

The pack of patches also boasts of low minimums. Instead of ordering hundreds of patches to end up using just a few of them, you can place your order for exactly how many patches you need. With 10 Pack, 25 Pack, and 50 Pack variations, you can order the cheap pack of random patches you want without breaking the bank. 

The pack of patches also comes with the promise of fast shipping. With support for global shipment and some of the fastest delivery times, you can receive your patches without long delays that hold you back from flaunting your creativity. With estimates given right at the time of ordering, you can schedule your projects and deadlines without having to take a shot in the dark. 

The patches in this pack are all made of high quality sourced material. This doesn’t only translate to a sturdy built that lets the patches withstand consistent use, but it also helps bring each design come to life. Vibrant colors? Check! Attention to detail? Check! Value for money? Check, check, check!

With a variety of designs, high quality manufacturing, problem-free shipping, and a pocket-friendly ordering process, this cheap pack of random patches can be the perfect fit for all ages. Whether you want these patches to fulfill some professional requirements or if you have to supplement your latest craft passion project, this pack can meet all your needs easily.

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