Uniform Patches

Uniform Patches

Using uniforms helps your organization distinguish itself from the general public. Are you looking for Custom Uniform Patches for your company? You're at the right place.


Why do people use uniforms


Uniforms help indicate people's job roles, their position, and what departments they belong to. Police officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Doctors, and Retail employees all benefit from being identifiable by using their uniforms.


In military personnel, the use of Custom patches helps distinguish their rank. Same with Police officers and other uniform users. 


Places to put your Custom patches in your uniform


Patches are usually put onto the shoulder or the front of the uniform. You can also use iron-on patches on hats. 


Companies use name patches for uniforms to help others identify the employee better. Your company can use funny patches too as a merchandising marketing tactic. 


Where can I make custom patches for uniforms?


Brandsick Custom Patches are created from High-Quality material, using the finest process to embroider your design. We offer different sizes and various package sizes for your needs.


Types of custom patches for your uniforms





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