Woven vs Embroidered Patches: What’s the Difference?

When you’re on the hunt for patches to customize your clothing, hats, bags, or other accessories, you’ve got some choices to make.

There are different types of custom patches out there including two popular choices: woven and embroidered patches. So how do you know what type to buy? 

At Brand Sick, our customers often ask us the difference between woven and embroidered patches. To help you decide which type is right for you, we’ve broken it all down below. Continue reading to find out how woven and embroidered patches differ. 

Woven Patches - Flat and made with thin threads

Woven patches are made with thinner threads than embroidered patches. In fact, they’re made of thread only and nothing else! Unlike embroidered patches, woven patches don’t have a structured backside. These patches are stitched together using a continuous design to ensure the patches have well-defined details in the artwork and text. 

Woven patches look and feel smooth. They don’t have a raised texture because they’re woven together. Woven patches are thinner than embroidered patches. This makes these patches suitable for use both on the outside and inside of clothing. For example, a woven patch can be applied to a chest pocket of a shirt and to the shirt’s inside collar and look great both ways.

If you’re interested in getting low cost custom patches made with fine detail and very clear text, woven patches may be right for you. You can get woven patches custom made with your choice of design, even if your design is detailed and/or containing many letters. 


  • Can accommodate more detail in the artwork & lettering
  • Streamlined and thin
  • Can be made in small, intricate designs
  • Can be used both on the inside & outside of clothing 

Embroidered Patches - Densely stitched with heavier thread 

Embroidered patches are heavier than woven patches. This is because embroidered patches are stitched together more densely and with a heavier thread than what’s used to make woven patches. 

An embroidered patch looks three dimensional due to the heavier thread used. These patches have a classic, traditional look to them that’s undeniably eye-catching. Embroidered patches are commonly used by security companies, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, military units, and organizations of all types due to their thick durability and great looks. 

Since embroidered patches are thicker than woven patches and are made using a heavier thread, they’re not a good choice for highly detailed designs. Rather, embroidered patches are best suited for clean, classic designs. 


  • Great for showcasing logos 
  • Provide a classic, traditional look 
  • Ideal for large designs 
  • Variety of options available 

How Woven and Embroidered Patches are Alike

Even though woven and embroidered patches have their differences, the two types of patches do share a couple of similarities. For starters, both woven and embroidered patches are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

Woven and embroidered patches can both be used for business branding, advertisement, or for embellishing clothing, hats, and other accessories like luggage and bags. Both woven and embroidered patches can be used by clubs, teams, businesses, and organizations of all types and sizes. 

Bottom line

Now that you know the difference between woven and embroidered patches, you should have a good idea as to what type’s right for you. At Brand Sick, we live and breathe custom patches. 

Whether you want to spread awareness about your business, boost your brand, or showcase your logo, we’ve got the right custom patches for you! Take a look at our wide selection of patches and request a free quote today. We’re always available to talk with you so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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