6 Ways to Remove Iron On Patches With Ease

6 Ways to Remove Iron On Patches With Ease

Have you been trying to remove an iron on patch from your favorite shirt, pair of jeans,  uniform, or bag?

Then you know that it’s not the easiest task to do because the glue used on the backside is tough to remove. 

Maybe you need to take an old iron on patch off because you’ve outgrown it or you want to put a new patch on.

Before you pull your hair out, read this information! Yeah, We’ve put together some tips to help you remove iron on patches with ease. 

All of these methods are proven to work. If the first method doesn’t work for you, move on to the next and so on until you find the right one that gets that stubborn patch off.

Ready? Let’s go! .

Try Nail Polish Remover (with acetone)

The acetone in nail polish remover can do more than strip polish off your fingernails. It can also eat through the glue on the back of iron on patches.

But, before you try this method, test a small, non-visible area of the fabric with the nail polish remover. Yeah, Just dab some on to make sure it doesn’t stain or damage the material. If everything checks out, you’re good to go.

  • To use this method, soak a cotton ball in the nail polish remover. Then dab the cotton ball closely around the edge of the patch to loosen the glue.
  • Gently lift the patch up as you go.
  • If need be, soak another cotton ball in the nail polish remover and continue dabbing and lifting until the patch is removed.
  • Lastly, use the nail polish remover to take the rest of the glue off the material.

Use Your Clothes Iron 

High heat is an effective way to remove the stubborn glue that adheres iron on patches to material.

  • Get out your clothes iron and turn it on, using a medium hot setting. Don’t activate the steam function because you need dry heat.
  • Now put a piece of cotton fabric on your ironing board.
  • Yeah, Then put your shirt, pants, or whatever has the iron on patch adhered to it, glue-side down on top of the cotton fabric. 
  • Now all you have to do is iron the item for about twenty seconds to make the cotton fabric adhere to the glue.
  • Then peel the fabric from the iron on patch. With any luck, all the glue will come away as well.
  • If need be, repeat the process until all the glue has been transferred to the cotton fabric. 
  • If the hot iron didn’t work, don’t worry! We’ve got more great ways to remove iron on patches so keep reading! 

Freeze the Item with the Iron On Patch 

When glue freezes, it becomes easier to remove. This method involves putting the item with the iron on patch right in your freezer.

Yep, you read that right.

  • Firstly, Just pop the item into a plastic bag then place it in your freezer. Let it be for a couple of hours.
  • Then take it out of the freezer, and get to work quickly! 
  • Lay the item down flat on a table. Use a butter knife or spoon to gently scrape and lift the patch off.

    Note: Don’t use anything sharp to remove the patch to avoid damaging the material. Just work the spoon or the knife under the patch and lift the patch up as the glue loosens.
  • Yeah, This method should work relatively quickly so the iron on patch pops right off. 
  • Once you get the iron on patch off, there may be some glue left on the item. If so, get yourself some glue remover like Goo-gone.
  • Just follow the label direction on the glue remover to loosen and remove the last of the adhesive.

Also, To avoid damaging the material, don’t scrape too roughly when trying to remove all the glue. Take it easy and be gentle!   

Use a Hair Dryer 

Since heat works to loosen glue, your hair dryer can come in handy when removing iron on patches.

  • Firstly, Set your hair dryer on high/hot heat. Hold the hair dryer to the backside of the item the patch is adhered to.
  • Next, turn on the hair dryer and blow dry the back of the patch for as long as it takes to heat up the adhesive. 
  • After a few seconds of blow drying, try to lift the patch up and off the material. Take your time and work the patch off gently.
  • Yeah, When you can’t lift any more of the patch off, blow dry the patch again until it comes off.
  • Once the patch is removed, use Goo-gone or another adhesive remover to remove any remaining glue. 

Try a White Vinegar Soak 

Good old fashioned white vinegar is great for removing tough stains and loosening glue. This method involves soaking the item overnight in a solution consisting of equal parts of white vinegar and water. 

  • Once you’ve made the water and vinegar solution, place the item with the iron on patch in the solution.
  • Now, Let it soak overnight. The next day, remove the item and see if the iron on patch lifts off easily. If not, use a butter knife or spoon to gently pry the patch off.
  • Once the patch comes off, use Goo-gone or another adhesive remover to remove any remaining glue. 

Do a Warm Water Soak 

Sometimes all it takes to remove an iron on patch is a good warm water soak.

  • In this method, firstly; fill your sink with enough warm water to cover the item.
  • Then place the item in the warm water and let it soak. Be sure the iron on patch stays submerged.
  • You may need to place something heavy on top of the patch to keep it under water. 
  • When the water becomes cool, drain out the cold water and refill the sink again with warm water.
  • Let the item soak again for two or three hours. After the item has soaked for a few hours, remove it from the water and try removing the patch.
  • Now, Just work slowly and gradually peel the stuck-on patch off the item.
  • Once the patch comes off, use Goo-gone or another adhesive remover to loosen the remaining glue. 

Bottom line

Even if it seems impossible, you can remove iron on patches easily. We recommend starting with the first method above. If that doesn’t work, just move on to method #2 and so forth until you’ve found the method that works best for you. 

As always, the team at BrandSick is here to help you! Whether you’re looking for custom iron on patches or any type of quality branded products, we’ve got what it takes for you to elevate your brand! Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions!


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