Lanyard Explained: What it is, Benefits, & More

Lanyard Explained: What it is, Benefits, & More

Lanyards are useful, and many people carry them around all day every day. We use lanyards to carry our badges, IDs, keys and other items. Many companies require all their employees to keep their badges on display, and they issue lanyards as a result. You’ll see them on doctors and nurses in hospitals down to airport staff. If you’ve ever been to a trade show or a fair, chances are you received one that allowed you access or gave you special privileges while attending.

What is a Lanyard?

A lanyard is a cord, strap or ribbon sewn into a loop with a clip or hook attached at one end. You wear a lanyard around your neck, and that’s why it has this loop. Lanyards come with different types of hooks, and you get to choose the hook or clip based on its intended use.

Lanyard Explained: What it is, Benefits, & More

What are the Benefits of a Lanyard?

Lanyards are practical

If you are trying to keep your hands free when working or moving around the workplace, a lanyard is convenient. It helps you keep your credentials on display, which in turn means you do not have to pull them out every time you need them. Lanyards also carry other things, including keys. You will always know where your items are.

Lanyards are inexpensive

You don’t have to break the bank or spend more than you should to get one. In many cases, you’ll get lanyards free. Many companies, businesses, and organizations already issue their workers with IDs and badges on lanyards. Many fairs and events also give you lanyards free, or as part of a paid package with more benefits included. However, if you must buy one, rest assured that it won’t cost you more than a buck at best.

Lanyards are durable

Companies that make lanyards use strong fabric on the loop. The clips and hooks attached to the lanyards come either in metal, durable plastic that doesn’t break easily. These features are useful in ensuring that your lanyard is durable. Unless you use unnatural force on them, your average lanyard can withstand plenty of tension and can hold a reasonable weight.

Lanyards are marketing tools

Getting lanyards customized with your brand is an inexpensive yet effective method of marketing. Putting your brand logo and message on the loop fabric is a great way to get your name out there. They have excellent visibility and people will notice colorfully branded lanyards quickly.

Lanyards promote security

You will find that lanyards generally display security tags and access IDs. This feature is useful because it ensures that unauthorized people cannot gain access to sensitive and secure places in banks, hospitals, jails, and courts. Lanyards help you identify and verify whomever you are interacting with, reducing the risk of fraud and misrepresentation.

Lanyards are professional

Wearing a lanyard gives you a professional look. It makes you more approachable. People will approach you and ask you more about what you offer. This approachability is great especially if you are looking to sell your products or services to people in a fair or an expo.

Lanyard Explained: What it is, Benefits, & More

Where to Use Lanyards

You can use lanyards in any setting, but there are places where they are invaluable.

Schools and institutions

There is no better way to carry your student and faculty IDs that to use lanyards. It saves you the inconvenience of having to identify yourself and your role. Your ID remains on open display, and identifying yourself to security or gaining access to school facilities becomes simpler.

Corporate and public offices

In most corporate offices, staff members wear their IDs on lanyards. In most large banks, law firms, and insurance companies, employees must keep their IDs on display. In other cases, visitors receive different lanyards with visitor ID at the reception. This identification helps corporate and public employees offer practical help to each visitor. These IDs also ensure that you do not gain access to areas or information that you should not have.

Events and concert staff

From basketball and football matches to concerts and special events, everyone can wear a lanyard. If you are a staff member or an essential employee, you will often receive a special badge on a lanyard. This badge will give you unrestricted access to all areas. You may also receive one as a special guest or as a member of a society or club. You can also use lanyards to promote your event and brand during special events.

Health workers

One of the most common places you will find people wearing lanyards is hospitals and health facilities. Nurses, doctors, housekeeping, custodians and managers wear lanyards. Many of these lanyards have antimicrobial properties to ensure that they do not pose a health risk to patients. However, they help you identify each person and receive the appropriate help that you need.


One of the most recognized uses of lanyards is by the media. Many reporters and correspondents wear media badges that allow them access to highly restricted areas. If you are a reporter, you may want to get yourself one of these.


Many medals you could win in a sports competition come on lanyards. These ribbons usually have flag colors as a way to show fidelity to the flag. Wearing them makes you feel like a champion, proud to win and participate. Also, whistles worn by coaches and referees come with lanyards. Trainers also carry their stopwatches on lanyards, making it easy for them to measure minor improvements in your performance as an athlete.


Lanyards are very practical and useful. They serve many purposes but you famously know them for IDs and badges. Lanyards also have many benefits and are inexpensive to acquire. They are also a very efficient way to market your brand to a large audience, especially in special events, expos and fairs. Lanyards help you keep your credentials on display, and they make you approachable. We hope that you now understand what lanyards are and how you can use them in your business or operations.

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