Hook and Loop Patches: The Complete Guide

Hook and Loop Patches: The Complete Guide

It’s such an exceptional feeling when you can decorate your wardrobe, bags, etc. with designs you love. However, sometimes it can be a true hassle to find the perfect patch to fit your aesthetic. Or perhaps you wish to spread awareness of your business in a unique way and bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

Whatever your reason might be, we are sure you have already come across the term “hook and loop patches”. It might be appealing, they might have piqued your interest, but you still do not know what they are and how you can use them to your advantage. 

Well, this is where we come in. Relax, take a few minutes to yourself, and let us guide you through everything you need to know about hook and loop patches. 

Starting with the most important question:

What is a Hook and Loop Patch?

A hook and loop patch is a patch which has a unique backing. This allows its effortless adherence to versatile surfaces and materials. Basically the two sides of the patch - one with the hooks and the other with the loops - attach to one another to keep the patch in place. 

In other words, the patch consists of two sides. One side has hooks that attach to the loop located on the other side. This adhesive on the backing allows this type of patch to be used with different materials as well. Therefore, the backing is attached to the material, the hooks and loops secure the patch in place, and the front of the patch can feature any design. 

Depending on your needs, the patch can come in various sizes and shapes, and with any design you desire. From embroidered to PVC patches, you can find all types under the hook and loop patch umbrella. 

How do Hook and Loop Patches Work?

A hook and loop patch is basically a type of Velcro patch as it uses the same mechanism as the Velcro technology. They secure two sides together utilizing the hooks and loops sewn into the two different pieces of fabric. When the two parts are then pressed together, the pieces get attached as the hooks faster to the loops and create a strong, but temporary hold. 

When separating the two parts, the individual pieces need to be pulled apart. This will force the hooks to release the loops without harming the fabric itself. As a result, you can easily reuse the patches or attach them to different areas - which also function with the hook and loop technology. 

While the technology was invented in the 1940s, it has greatly evolved since then. This offers a better versatility for the patches, which are now generally manufactured from synthetic fibers. The synthetic fibers help to improve their usability and longevity, while they also offer better flexibility for the production and design of the patches. 

Their easy usability has made the hook and loop technology quite popular over the years. Nowadays you can find it on everything from promotional patches to backpacks - basically, they can decorate most clothing items and accessories you can think of. 

Are Hook and Loop Patches Same as Velcro?

Generally speaking, hook and loop patches and velcro aren’t that different. Both utilize a type of hook and loop fastening manner, but Velcro has grown to be a well-known brand name in the industry. Due to this, usually, most hook and loop fasteners are referred to as Velcro.

Velcro is a brand, a company. But due to its popularity among the general public, most brands that use any type of hook and loop technology are attributed as being part of Velcro. This is the same instance as to how bandages are called Band-Aids, even though most bandages are not manufactured by that company.

On the other hand, there are many companies that use versatile hook and loop technologies to make their products. They are not part of Velcro, nor are they plagiarizing their products. They are simply using a different variation of Velcro’s technology. 

However, both true Velcro and other hook and loop patches offer versatile applications. Due to this, no matter which brand you are looking at, such patches are widely used and loved. Additionally, smaller, basically no-name brands often are able to provide the same quality products at lowered prices - so they are worth checking out in our opinion. 

Can You Make Custom Hook and Loop Patches?

Yes, you can make customer hook and loop patches. Customer patches offer an exceptional way to represent your business and to spread awareness of its existence in a fun manner. From embroidered to PVC patches, you can easily have them customized at the drop of a hat.

How to Make Custom Hook and Loop Patches?

There are versatile companies that offer such services both online and in person. Creating custom hook and loop patches have never been easier, especially with the rise of the internet. Getting into contact, creating customer designs, and ordering patches - even in larger quantities - does not need to be a hassle anymore.

While, unfortunately, not all companies dealing with product customization offer the same quality, you can still be assured that at Brandsick customer satisfaction is our top priority. You can easily order custom made hook and loop patches online at excellent prices without sacrificing quality. We offer sample patches as well so you can see our product first hand before ordering. Get the best prices and the best quality customized products at Brandsick. 

Hook, Loop, Go!

Custom hook and loop patches are an easy and cost-efficient way to spread awareness of your business. Not only that, but they can also be stylish accessories to add to jackets, bags, shoes, etc., which can elevate your style or simply act as a better conversation starter. 

Wear your business with pride or surprise your employees and customers with their own customized hook and loop patches. Ordering a new batch of custom patches is not difficult when you order with Brandsick

Not only will you get the excellent quality products you desire you will also get the best prices for even with smaller quantity orders. Shop for your next hook and loop patch design and showcase your business for the world to see - or at least for those whom you meet.

Related Questions:

How do you attach a hook and loop patch?

Attaching a hook and loop patch is easy. You simply need to remove the adhesive covering carefully and place the patch onto the area where the patch needs to be. The adhesive will glue the patch in place, after which you can detach the hook and loops sides if you wish to remove the patch.

What is the cost of custom hook and loop patches?

Customer hook and loop patches cost between $250 and $800 for a batch of 50 units, depending on the size ordered. The bigger the patch and higher the price tag will be. But a 1”x1” patch is about $5, while a 13”x13” one is about $16. The price will further vary depending on the material used for the patches.


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