Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Popsocket

Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Popsocket

A popsocket is this little genius device that you never knew you needed but do. It looks like a medium-size plastic button, and it comes with one sticky end. You stick this small accessory to the back of your phone or phone case. When you pop it out or extend it, the popsocket pulls out like an accordion enhancing your grip to the phone.

You can get creative with your popsocket. With two fingers, you get a better grip on your phone, especially when taking a selfie or a picture. You can also use it as a stand for your phone when on a video call or watching videos on your device. You can also wrap your earphones around the popsocket to prevent them from tangling each other.

Popsockets are intriguing because you can have them in almost any design or color that you want.

Much like any other accessory, popsockets also get dirty. Nobody likes a dirty phone, much less a dirty popsocket. So, how do you clean your popsocket?

Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Popsocket
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Removing the Popsocket from Your Phone

To clean your popsocket, you must first remove it from your phone. To do so safely, first, press it back into its flat position. Don’t try to remove it while extended. If you do so, the popsocket will detach itself from its base, ruining it.

Move the Base of the Popsocket

Using your fingernails, gently press against the sides of the base. You will feel our nails slide underneath. Once you have a good grip on the base, gently pull the popsocket off the cover of your phone. If your fingernails aren’t long enough, you may use a few inches of thin string or dental floss.

Cleaning the Popsocket

To clean the popsocket, dip it in clean cold water for three seconds. Popsockets are small and very sticky, so you do not need to use much water or let it stay in water for too long. Too much water ruins the sticky surface, and lengthen the drying time.

Dry the Popsocket

Let your popsocket dry out in the open air. Lay it on a paper towel with the sticky side facing up and away from dust particles. Let it dry for not more than ten minutes. If it dries any longer, it will lose its stickiness. In the rare case where your popsocket takes longer to dry, wipe the base gently with a paper towel.

Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Popsocket
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Stick the Popsocket Back

You may stick the popsocket back on your phone or any other flat and clean surface. Ordinarily, popsockets will stick exceptionally well on mirrors, glass windows, tablets, and most smartphones. They do not do well on silicone, leather, uneven or waterproof surfaces. Let it rest for at least an hour before expanding it again. Waiting for this period lets the popsocket stick better to your device.

Final Word

Cleaning your popsocket is a quick and straightforward process. Most manufacturers say that you can reuse your popsocket up to 100 times. Popsockets are also waterproof, and water does not damage them.

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